Rss Reader

I’m following a considerable number of web resources to stay up-to-date of tech or science topics of my choice. In the past I used Google Reader, which completely satisfied my needs, but unfortunately it was discontinued by Google. As I couldn’t find another good solution I have chosen Tiny Tiny Rss as a standalone Reader, which I installed on my server. The only problem with it was, that it was rather slow. So I kept looking for other possibilities.

Yesterday I was blown away by the speed of the BazQux Reader, which is written in Haskell and Ur/Web with some unique features such as in-reader-comments-reading. As result I decided to leave the standalone tt-rss for BazQux. I found News+ as a perfect complement Reader App for my Nexus 7.

BazQux Screenshot

p.s. here is an interesting video (Russian) from the author of BazQux about technological challenges he was confronted while building the Reader.